DJ Krazy Entertainment

  • ​A Warm Welcome

    Welcome to DJ Krazy Entertainment

    Based in the Outskirts of the Roman City of Bath, wspecialise in Wedding and Birthday occasions where we are visioned on providing high-quality and bespoke event solutions. 

    A Spotlight on Our Founder

    First Response Trained

    Cal firmly believes that everyone should have some basic medical training and in recognition he has acquired a recognised qualification

    Hello!, I'm Cal

    Many thanks for exploring my business to see whether we're the entertainment suppliers you'd like at your event.

    Let me introduce you to some history..

    My Passion started during my school time when I was interested in the flown equipment, it suddenly became my playground for exploring lighting and sound technology. Eventually,  I discovered DJing which was my way of starting my collection.

     As I explored the industry, I found there was a lack of Quality and reassurance. I had a vision of wanting to change that and create bespoke experiences. 

    Fueled by dedication, I purchased my first PA system in 2017 and started to build a small collection so my entrepreneurship journey could not only start but allow me to expand my knowledge per each event that my company plans or provides services for.      

    I'm firmly building this company day by day upon the Christian Faith and its Values